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Peas. They're not just for dinner.

Pea milk is a great non-dairy source of protein, calcium, Vit D and B12

It has never been easier to avoid dairy. Alternative "milks" are everywhere: rice, soy, hemp, oat, coconut, almond, macadamia, hazelnut, cashew. But some people cannot tolerate some of these milks due to nut or soy allergies.

Now there's pea milk, the newest nondairy kid on the block. Its vegan, nut, soy, lactose and gluten free. It's better for the environment than almond milk and it has more protein and calcium than other alternative milks.

Pea milk doesn't take like peas, and that's because of the way its made. Unlike almond milk where the almonds are soaked, here the yellow peas are milled into flour then the pea protein is separated from the fiber and starch when, amongst other things, B12 is added. B12 is an all important vitamin that is missing from vegan diets, it only comes from animal sources.

One cup of non-fat milk

Compared to regular milk there is more calcium, no sugar, more vitamin D (crucial for bone health), and more B12. Pea milk also has 20 calories less per cup. Oh! And less sodium also. Unless you are allergic to peas, there really should be no reason not to at least try this alternative milk.

"There are some taste trade offs and calcium trade offs with alternative milks on the market. Consumers shouldn't have to compromise on those things"

Suzanne Ginestro, CMO, C-Fresh

non-dairy chocolate milk

As with every other non sweetened product, there is alway the vanilla, chocolate, honey flavored....whatever it is, coming along the conveyor belt because these companies know we want sugar, we've been cloned to need sugar. So here it is, the chocolate non-dairy pea protein, plant based "milk" with a whopping 15g of sugar per 8 oz. 15g of sugar means just under 4 teaspoons of sugar....4 teaspoons of ADDED sugar (divide 15g by 4 to get the teaspoons). Lovely isn't it! It is a little lower than regular dairy chocolate milk by almost 2 teaspoons. Lets do the math together: dairy milk has 22g of sugar per 8 oz or almost 6 teaspoons of sugar. BUT, for parents trying to wean their children off dairy its a great alternative, and in my view, a healthier one to regular dairy milk.


no dairy please

So why all the anti dairy? If you are experiencing any bloating, digestive, reflux, headache, poop, allergy, sinus, constant cold, sleep apnea issues give up dairy for 3 weeks and see what happens. You will be amazed. Beyond the initial detox issues, I have never had a client regret the decision. As Doctor Mark Ruscio says....

"Nothing bad every happens from giving up dairy"

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