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About Susan

My Story


I was the happiest teenager ever when I got my first bicycle. For two years, sunshine, wind, rain, sleet I rode my bike every day 5 miles to and from school. Exercise invigorated me. I loved the freedom and endorphin high. Perfect.

The love for exercise continued. I was 19 when I moved to Texas from Ireland. I graduated from the  University of Texas where I received a degree in exercise physiology and nutrition. 

I love movement, exercise and biomechanics. I believe we were built on pivots and hinge joints for a reason. MOVEMENT. We need to move to be functional. I live in Austin, Texas where I own two Pilates studios and a one-on-one personal training studio, so obviously exercise is important to me

The phrase "you cannot out train a bad diet" resonated so much with me I pursued further education and joined the world of functional nutrition when I became certified  through the Functional Nutrition Lab under the guidance of Andrea Nakayama. I learned so much about functional nutrition. I treat every human body as one system, all connected, all talking to each other. The crazy thing is the crossover with our muscles and joints. A pain in your lower back may have nothing to do with your lower back, but could have everything to do with your arches!! Your psoriasis may respond temporary to topical cream but maybe its your unhealthy gut lining and your body's effort to cleanse itself.

I believe all illnesses have grass roots. The gut is the soil  where everything grows. Heal the gut and you can help everything from thyroid, to diabetes, to high blood pressure, to migraines, to all diseases.

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