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Digestive Health
Heartburn! Constant burping! Acid reflux! Bloating! Constant gas! Constipation! Diarrhea! All these common complaints are all part of digestive health. Digestive health is the root of all ailments. If you do not heal and repair the gut forget about it! Without addressing all things digestive you will not experience long lasting results. Why take any supplements if your small intestine is so shredded with inflammation you can't digest that pill? My program starts with the gut lining. In my experience this step alone diminishes most symptoms. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates
Thyroid Disease
The thyroid, although relatively small in size, has a huge impact on health and metabolism. This gland regulates body temperate, helps turn your food in to energy. regulates appetite, sex drive, sleep and your overall mood. Did you know low thyroid can get misdiagnosed as depression? Hypo (low) thyroid can make you feel tired, you've no energy to exercise, metabolism slows down. This lack of exercise induces depression and anxiety leading to moods and weight gain. If the doctor isn't well versed in the functional world of nutrition you get put on anti-depressants and you get worse. With some simple food/herbal supplements the thyroid can be given the tools to function again. Did you know 3 Brazil nuts contain all the important selenium your thyroid needs to thrive? Recent numbers suggest over 20% of the population could have low thyroid function and not even know it.
Cholesterol!! So much controversy. Is is good? Is it bad? Which kind is bad? Can I have eggs again? Doc wants me to take a statin, what do I do? Cholesterol is so important to our cells and brain health that we actually make it ourselves!! Without it there would be no life.  However, the make-up of our cholesterol is super important. HDL should be high, LDL low and triglycerides the lowest. Diet and lifestyle strongly affect these levels. Get all the junky carbs and sugars out! Heal your gut! Watch your inflammatory markers decrease and your numbers improve.
We hear it all the time. Type II diabetes is on the rise, especially in our children and teenagers. While Type I is an insulin dependent autoimmune disease, type II is known as a lifestyle diagnosis. Constantly elevated blood sugars will destroy our organs, slowly and over time. There are so many ways we can help reverse type II diabetes through food, exercise, de-stressing, sleep. Type II shows an intolerance to carbohydrates so this food group needs to be tailored back to a minimum. And yes, type II diabetes can be 100% reversed.
Gluten Sensitivity
Gluten sensitivity. Its very very "trendy" these days. So many people suffer from distention and bloating when they eat gluten. If there is any leaky gut or intestinal permeability the tiny sized protein in gluten makes its way out of our gut in to the blood where it is not supposed to be. 70% of our immune system is in our gut. Our immune system sees a problem. There are tiny undigested gliadin proteins in our blood that should not be there. This is the start of an inflammatory response ranging from bloating to our thyroid gland being attacked and the cascade of symptoms that follow. I have never met one person who did not feel better when off gluten. This does not mean you have to forever and ever never touch it (unless you're Celiac or hyper sensitive) but when you feel so much better, healthier, lighter you will not even want to eat it. And its in everything! Even salad dressing!
I live in Texas and believe me there are environmental allergies here. It has always fascinated me why some people suffer more than others. I believe the healthier you keep your immune system the less you will suffer from the pesky pollen, cedar etc. Around October I encourage elderberry syrup, amongst other things,  to proactively keep us healthy and ready to fight those outside forces. An anti-inflammatory diet (no processed foods, sugar, gluten or dairy) makes all the difference in how badly we get hit with  seasonal allergies. Food sensitivities will anger our immune system and leave it busy fighting these otherwise innocuous substances and leave no "soldiers" left to fight the air born problems. Our main immune superheroes are Vit A D C E, zinc, probiotics, and essential fats.
Green Goodness
Fatty Liver
Fatty liver! What is it? How is it diagnosed. The doctor will look at your AST/ALT numbers on your regular blood panel. What contributes to fatty liver? Too much alcohol, prescription drugs, antibiotics, sugar, protein, late night eating and overeating. What can you do to help heal the liver? Eat organic, eat your veggies, drink plenty of water, cruciferous veggies detoxes excess estrogen from liver, and specific herbal supplements that will help clease this important organ. It is a very important organ that filters blood, detoxifies our system and makes and secretes bile. Luckily this organ is also magical! It is constantly regenerating itself so it is totally possible to reverse fatty liver disease.
High Blood Pressure
So many people are on blood pressure medicine, sometimes even two different kinds. When you think of blood pressure you probably immediately think of the heart but did you know our adrenal glands (our stress handling glands) which sit on top of your kidneys helps to control blood pressure? The kidneys themselves serve a major role in regulating blood pressure through the release of hormones. My approach to helping regulate blood pressure is through kidney and adrenal support. I approach the body as one brilliant unit where everything affects everything. 
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