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A totally random collection of my favorite things..

Updated: May 26, 2019


Two of my favorite books talking about the role of hormones in our health journey. Dr.Fung dives deep in to the work of insulin and Gary Taubes....well, he just dives deep. Not a light read but so informative.


Two great books on healthy sugar free, grain free and sometimes dairy free books
Grain free, sugar free recipes

Two great books with delicious recipes on grain free, sugar free ideas. Paleo does not allow dairy so this book is also dairy free. Against All Grains has many recipes I have tried and thoroughly enjoyed. The only thing I don't like about Practical Paleo is the occasional use of honey or maple syrup, but otherwise delicious also. These to authors have great social media pages also.



Some immune boosters for your smoothie
Great additions to your smoothie

I get asked this question a lot "what do you put in your smoothie". The Mac and Acai powder are super immune helpers. the VegaOne I chose because it is plant based and organic. Remember, just because it says GMO free does not mean it is necessarily organic. I recently added collagen because I appreciate the benefits of bone broth but honestly don't like the taste too much. I add a scoop of this organic powder and get all the benefits of bone broth without having to actually drink it.

I find organic bones very difficult to come by. Organic bones are essential for healthy bone broth. These ingredients do change often.

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